She Said Yes!

In case you haven't seen all of my social media in the past week or so, as of this past Saturday night, I'm an engaged man!

(photo credit: Spencer Joyce)

Here's how it went down: this past Saturday was Tracey and I's 2 year anniversary, and we had already had a great weekend up to that point: since I had the day off from driving the bus that Friday, Tracey decided to take that day off too so we could spend more time together. So while she did schoolwork, I went and got tacos from one of our favorite restaurants, Cafe Rio, for lunch, then we went to Lewnes's Steakhouse in Eastport for a fancy dinner, and afterwards went drinking (this was a theme of the weekend lol). 

The next day, our plan was to go to brunch with our friend Bridgett in the afternoon before going back out, but first, Tracey had a hair appointment over the bay bridge. When she left, I messaged her BFF Rachel (who introduced us, story for another post) through Messenger asking what ring should I get Tracey to pop the question with. She had to dig through months and months of messages with Tracey to find it, so when she found it, Tracey had just came home to pick me up to go to brunch. It was then that Rachel and I decided tonight would be the night I finally did it.

Lucky for me, we finished brunch with just enough time to spare before we went back out. When we got home, I told Tracey I needed to "get gas for my car" for tonight, but little did she know that 1) I had filled up my tank the night before, and 2) that I was headed to the Zales at Westfield Mall in Annapolis to go get the ring. I came back in just the right amount of time, and started to plan out how I would do this thing......

Our destination for the evening was the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, host of the Annapolis Irish Hooley, a pre-cursor to the Annapolis St. Patrick's Day Parade held every first Sunday of March. That night, Dublin 5, an awesome Celtic-Rock Band that Tracey and I had seen multiple times before, was playing. Lucky for me I was friends with the band members, so while Tracey went off to get beers, I peeled off and asked the band if they could help me pop the question. The band agreed without hesitation, with frontman Ray Murphy suggesting that halfway through their performance of Van Morrison's "Into The Mystic", they call for the audience to back up to give me room to do my thing.

So it gets to be D5's 3rd set, and Tracey had run off to the bathroom, and she gets back right as the band starts to play "Into The Mystic". Being the social butterfly Tracey is, she got caught talking to somebody, so I had to yank her onto the dancefloor ASAP. She was annoyed at first that I yanked her out like that, but her opinion would change very, very quickly. Because halfway through the song, Ray said "Okay everyone, I need you to back up", and when they did, Ray said "Tracey, put your beer down". After Tracey put her beer down, THIS HAPPENED:

(Photo credit: Jeff Slater)

And of course, SHE SAID YES!!!

No wedding date has been set yet, I'll definitely update you all when we do decide on a date. In the meantime, shout-outs to the person & group who made this possible:

1) Rachel Taft, Tracey's BFF and the owner/operator of Feed The Scene, a "Band & Breakfast" dedicated to housing the touring band scene. Hit them up if you are touring through Baltimore (their headquarters), Denver, Greensboro, or the Philippines.

2) Dublin 5, the best High-energy Celtic-Rock on the east coast!

Go give them some love since they both helped me with my love :)



Spencer's Lucky Lady
March 09, 2017 @04:28 pm
I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure this is the best blog post ever, about the most romantic proposal ever! Love you forever honey :)

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