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Spencer Joyce is a live-looping indie rock solo artist based out of Annapolis, MD. Spencer combines Ed Sheeran's singer/songwriter sensibilities with Maroon 5's r&b swagger, Coldplay's art rock creativity, Green Day's punk edge, and Eric Clapton's bluesy leads to create a unique sound appealing to music fans all across the board. In a live setting, Spencer's show consists of just him, his guitar, and a live-looping station which he uses to help create a one-man-band sound right before your eyes. You can find Spencer rocking out loop style on just about any given weekend in the Annapolis, Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia areas.


Press Quotes

"Spencer has reinvented himself as a loop station artist who strives to create a live show that's one part motivational speech, one part love-in, and one part dance party." - Artists Compound website 

"I love the vibe, it's all Spencer Joyce!.......I love having him as part of the scene!" -Brian Nelson-Palmer, DC Music Rocks 09/12/17, WERA 96.7 FM Arlington, VA (30:15)


"Spencer Joyce is a rising young voice in the indie rock scene with a knack for catchy, feel-good songs." - East Coast Music Scene on Tumblr


"Overall, Bad Poker Face is an enjoyable pop album." - Divide & Conquer






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Contact Info:

Spencer Joyce

Cell: 703-344-6874

Home: 410-268-7149

Email: spencerjoycemusic@gmail.com

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 AM to 1 PM EST

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